Apology Puppy

Are you in the doghouse?

We've all been there! Apologizing is the fastest way to get yourself out of the doghouse. But how? Me and my friends have the perfect solution.

We will apologize for you. Nobody stays mad once they see how adorable and cute we are. They will love you for your thoughtful way of apologizing. Adorable pictures of us will be sent to your someone's phone along with helpful words that will get you out of the doghouse and into the comfy spot on the couch in no time.

We work fast but cheap and are sure to have your someone happy with you in no time. Don't wait. Hire us right now.

"My puppy dog eyes are specially designed to melt hearts and gain forgiveness."

Face the facts pal

You messed up. We've all been there. There is no use trying to hide the slippers you shredded. Just come clean and it will all be better. Let us help you out. This is way cheaper than a doggy bag and will make your someone happy. What are you waiting for?

I'm a cat

I don't really care about you or the pain that you have cause. However, if you scratched the furniture like I often do and actually care then you'll have Apology Puppy and the gang help you out.

Forgiveness is just a few clicks away

Just fill in the simple form and we'll get to work. Your someone will receive cute pictures of us along with your apology. It's a well known fact that people can't stay upset when they see us. They practically have to forgive you. We figured that out long ago which is why we have cute puppy dog eyes. Harness this amazing power right now and we'll get started helping you right away..

Hire Apology Puppy

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